Edo Castle

 Edo Castle

EXT - Edo Castle, Night

EXT – Edo Castle, Night


Photo Reference 1 – Odawara Castle


Photo Reference 2 – Mount Fuji


Photo Reference 3 – Edo Mura

While I was visiting Japan a few years ago, I snapped some photos during my hike up Mount Fuji and I thought to myself.. hmmm I wonder if there were ever any Samurai that lived around here. Maybe these Samurai had a castle. Perhaps there was a battle with a rival Daimyo warlord and the castle is no more. So, I wanted to make a nice matte painting to tell this story. Change the mood by having it take place the night of the attack.

I took some more photos that day of a Samurai castle in Odawara which was converted into a petting zoo. Very strange.. the shogun’s ghost who once ruled over that kingdom is probably walking around and wondering what all of these animals are doing in his royal court. But maybe that could be the topic of another matte painting.

The last photo reference I took was from the set of a TV show that was being filmed at an amusement park called Edo Mura. It was a very cool place with an Edo-style theme. Visitors to Edo Mura can rent edo style costumes and walk around the park as cunning ninja stalk you, and honorable samurai and beautiful geisha greet you throughout the day.

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