Drew Struzan talks movie posters and #theforceawakens

One of the common misconceptions regarding commercial art these days is that ALL of it is produced digitally. Well, after reading this article and finding that one of the true masters of the art form of movie poster art is still doing it the “old fashioned way”, it gives one hope.

Drew Struzen’s response when asked about the medium he chooses for his movie poster art:

“There’s a connection between human beings when you turn a pot or bake a cake or put a brush to a canvas. The humanity transfers to other people, and the computer loses that transference and that relationship. So I gotta do it with paint. I do it with scratches. I do it with fingerprints, I do it with water. I do it with all kinds of things that are natural, human and that connect with you. So it’s not just a picture, it’s a whole lot more than that and the computer doesn’t do all that. So I’m sticking to what I do :-)”




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