Disney’s A Christmas Carol

These are some of the textures I made for the digital environments in “Disney’s A Christmas Carol”. The goal was to give the environments a look and feel that was photo-realistic but with a stylized touch as the film was neither live-action nor traditional animation, but rather motion-capture.

CG Textures for Disney's A Christmas Carol

View more on how the textures and matte paintings were incorporated into the final shot

The matte paintings were also to match the concept art provided by the art department and production designer Doug Chiang. In this case, it was a beautiful rendering of Ebenezer Scrooge’s childhood schoolhouse by concept artist Aaron Becker.

Scrooge's Schoolhouse - concept art

Scrooge’s Schoolhouse – concept art by Aaron Becker.

There were many matte painters, including myself who worked on this fly-over shot of the Ghost of Christmas Past’s revelation to Scrooge. I painted cg textures for the buildings and the sky cyclorama.


Director Robert Zemeckis talks about the future of digitally animated movies…

Dickens’s Victorian London Goes Digital

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